electrical systems as per relevant rules and regulations

safety and energy savings

impianti elettrici

In the renovation or construction of a dwelling, the design and installation of the electrical system must also be taken into account. These, of course, must comply with all relevant laws. The systems must consist of all relevant components in order to ensure the safety of whoever will ultimately live in the residence. However the safety of the facility itself also needs to be taken into consideration. All too often carelessness or superficiality leads to damage caused by electrical failure. But a good electric system saves fuel consumption by avoiding unnecessary waste.

DEA Ristrutturazioni operates with the utmost skill and professionalism. We also take care of the installation of air conditioners, which are a very useful thing to have no matter what the season. We make sure that the temperature of your home is perfect. The air you breathe must be healthy.

Dea Ristrutturazioni also offers design and construction of ducted air conditioning systems. We customize the temperature for each individual environment.

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