apartment renovations

interior and exterior wall work

lavori edili DEA ristrutturazioni

Restoring a home is a very delicate matter to be carried out with the utmost care. We meet the needs and tastes of the owners without forgetting the safety rules governing the industry. DEA Ristrutturazioni has been providing full renovation services for years now. Our work covers small flats as well as larger dwellings. Starting with inspection, we obtain the relevant building permits to put up scaffolding and we see it through to the final result. Our renovations include:

  • renovation of "turnkey" housing units and commercial premises
  • renovation of home environments
  • coverings (roofs and terraces)

Plaster board constructionis becoming more and more popular thanks to its superior space management and insulation. This type of construction is designed to isolate walls and spaces by removing moisture from them.

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